About Us

Taylor Wimpey Developing in North Somerset

We have been building homes and improving communities for more than 130 years. We have a rich history as one of the UK's largest house builders, so you can rely on our wealth of experience. We have been building homes and communities in the North Somerset area for the past 50 plus years with our first homes built in the area in 1963.

As George Wimpey construction our company laid the tarmac on the original runway at Bristol Airport in the 1940’s and have delivered over thousands of homes in North Somerset.

We have developments currently on site at Harbours Edge, Portishead and have planning application running in Yatton and Backwell along with our involvement in the Locking Parklands Development in Weston Super Mare.

We are embedded in the North Somerset community and as such invest a great deal of time in liaising with the local community to help shape our developments and provide better homes for all sections of the community.

Building The Community

Taylor Wimpey is dedicated to producing a proposal for new homes at The Vale that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. We are committed to building a community at The Vale that is strong, vibrant and healthy, while protecting and improving the natural, built and historic environment.

Our History

Taylor Wimpey was formed by the merger of George Wimpey and Taylor Woodrow in 2007. We are able to draw upon experience and best practice gathered over a history dating back to the 19th century. Today we are one of the largest homebuilders in the UK, completing over 11,000 homes a year.

Our Communities

We build roads and junctions, sewers and utilities that link our developments with the surrounding area. Where needed we provide community facilities such as schools, doctor’s surgeries, shops and offices, bus stops and even railway stations, as well as much-needed affordable homes. Such provision can help meet the day-to- day needs of the people living on or near our developments.

Attractive Environments

We design landscaping and open space to provide an attractive and safe setting for homes, recreational space for residents and habitats for plants and wildlife. Green spaces could include tree or hedgerow planting, playgrounds or sports pitches.


We look to reduce the energy demand of our homes by improving wall and roof insulation. In some cases we may also fit more complex technologies. This means that residents benefit from energy bill savings while their long-term maintenance burden and costs are kept to a minimum.

Working With Local People

We are committed to working with local people, community groups and local authorities during the planning phase and aim to keep them up-to-date with our activities and progress during construction. We aim to plan and design developments that balance the demands of our business with providing for the needs of our residents and their communities.


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