We are committed to delivering developments which carefully consider the environments within which they sit.

Understanding The Land

Our starting point is ensuring that we have a good understanding of the biodiversity and habitats across the land, that we know which areas are susceptible to flooding and which areas have previously been used for purposes which could cause contamination.

We have now undertaken a lot of this work on The Vale and as a result we have a good understanding of the condition of the land, which areas are suitable for development and the opportunities that exist to enhance the environment.

Protecting The Environment

Because we are only proposing to develop part of the site – perhaps about 50 per cent - this allows us to protect and remain sensitive to any environmentally important areas. There are also opportunities to enhance wildlife through the creation of new or additional habitats.

A small part of the site falls within a flood risk area. No vulnerable uses such as housing would be developed on this land. The development proposed at The Vale can be achieved on land which falls entirely outside of the flood risk areas.

The extensive landscape provides great potential for active and passive uses, in addition to accommodating existing valuable green capital and features. This will form an important network between the three main land parcels, knitting these three neighbourhoods together.

Image of a field A flooded field