Thousands of New Jobs

The Vale will generate growth in the local economy and increase employment with up to 4000 new jobs.

On Site Employment

We will provide dedicated land for employment on site, catering for a range of business sizes and needs. This will create opportunities for new jobs for existing and new residents in the area. Future employees will benefit from being part of a new community with good access to public transport and a wide range of shops, services and facilities.

Home Working

Aside from traditional employment opportunities, there is a growing demand for home working and we are keen to ensure the development provides the infrastructure and facilities to support this in our new homes. For example, super- fast broadband would be provided to each of the homes and a dedicated home working hub could be constructed within the core of the new settlement with meeting rooms and IT facilities etc.

Other Potential Opportunities

Further employment opportunities would arise from the many other parts of the new community. The new schools and potential UTC would create teaching posts and support roles; the shops, leisure facilities, doctor’s surgery etc would all create a range of employment across the development.

Construction Jobs

Finally, it is important not to forget the number of new jobs that would be created through the construction of the development itself. A development of the scale proposed would provide many full time construction jobs for a number of years. As a company we are passionately committed to employing local people in the construction of our developments. It is for this reason that we are proposing a UTC with a strong construction curriculum, providing experience on site to those training at the UTC and to taking on a large number of apprentices to help construct the new community.

Taken together, the above measures which could be delivered through development at The Vale would collectively have a significant impact on the local economy, providing long term economic benefits to new and existing residents in the surrounding communities.

working in the garden female construction worker